Automated Workforce Engagement Management Software

How something is said is arguably more important than what is said when rating the character of a conversation. Prosodica’s workforce engagement management software combines speech and voice analytics in order to better recognize and understand the quality of conversations.

This technology opens a world of possibilities, from automated transcription and quality rating of every conversation, to real-time coaching of agents in-call to guide them toward a better customer experience.


Workforce engagement management software is shaping the future of the call center.

Does this Sound like your call center?

  • Overemphasis on process standardization and cost control have given call centers a reputation for creating frustrating, impersonal, and unsatisfying interactions.
  • Customer conversations are seen as transactions, driven by one-size-fits-all procedures. 

  • Call quality measurement relies on manually generated call ratings developed through a traditional QA process that is time consuming, biased, under representative, ineffective and expensive. 

  • Strict process control decreases levels of employee engagement leading to high turnover which lowers efficiency and drives up the cost of staffing.


The Service Model No Longer Works

The desire for greater efficiency has turned many call centers into transaction factories. In these factories, calls progress along pre-defined paths marked by system-enforced rules.  The agents taking these calls follow scripted procedures that can make them seem like and feel like mindless automatons. Something's gotta give.




We’ve reimagined the call center experience with technology that emphasizes autonomy over rules, targets engagement rather than handle time, and creates conversations instead of transactions.

This concept, proven with behavioral science studies and millions of real data points, leads to numerous benefits including lower attrition, operational cost reductions, and increased customer satisfaction and employee performance.

The key to achieving this vision is our ability to model the non-verbal patterns of a conversation and assess, in real-time, how well conversations are progressing.


Measuring Customer Engagement 

Natural and authentic dialog conveys emotions and intentions simultaneously and efficiently. Engaging in this manner creates opportunities to build rapport and influence customer behavior without extending call handle times.

Prosodica facilitates natural, authentic, and engaging conversations by helping agents react appropriately to the paralinguistic conversational elements like prosody, turn-taking, and symmetry that make conversations human.

When agents are consistently able to react to non-verbally communicated things like distress, urgency, and disinterest, they create more engaging, and more controlled conversations that are simultaneously efficient, effective, and a more satisfying customer experiences.


Real-Time, Unbiased Quality Assurance

Prosodica's voice and speech analytics provide agents with continuous, unbiased feedback during every call. Calls are continuously measured for conversational quality and if standards aren’t met, visual cues are presented to nudge agents towards more productive conversational behaviors in real time.  These behaviors help optimize conversational engagement, which improves call efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience.

In addition, call summary analytics automatically determine which calls are good candidates for deeper analysis using post-call transcription, vastly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of call quality sampling.


Employee Satisfaction

Using gamification, Prosodica activates agents' intrinsic motivation, improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.  By providing a system of challenges, achievements, rewards, leaderboards, and skill progression, agents are motivated to improve their soft skills and call outcomes.  

The more self-guiding agents become, the more autonomous they can be when handling certain customer situations.  With the right technology and incentives, empowered agents can even choose which calls they handle based on their own assessment of their ability to succeed.


True Voice of the Customer

The Prosodica Survey Bot captures customer experience feedback through a natural, open-ended dialog with the caller and provides adaptive responses based on the caller's content and sentiment. Digging deeper into the emotion behind the feedback provides more context to make operational decisions.

Prosodica's machine learning algorithm measures the systematics and prosodic characteristics of a survey responder to capture the unspoken sentiment of the caller. Then yields structured data in real-time.

 This style of Voice of the Customer survey has proven to increased response rates while decreasing sampling bias.


Survey Bot - Coming Soon