A New Approach

Decades of focus on cost control have morphed contact centers from places where you engage in a dialogue with people into places where you conduct impersonal transactions.  In the pursuit of efficiency, contact centers have taken the humanity out of the call.

Prosodica puts the humanity back into the call by helping representatives create more natural, authentic, and engaging conversations while also improving employee engagement and lowering operating costs.

We envision a future where communication is a pleasure for both the customer and the representative.  We want to redefine what it means to be a contact center.


The right metrics

Engaging in natural dialogue allows us to convey our emotions and intentions efficiently.  Authenticity creates unique opportunities to build rapport and influence customer behavior.

However, an overemphasis on process standardization and cost control have given contact centers a reputation for creating frustrating, impersonal, and unsatisfying interactions.

Prosodica solves this problem by facilitating natural, authentic, and engaging conversations.  By analyzing millions of conversations, we proved that a more engaging conversation is at once more efficient, more effective, and a more satisfying customer experience.


Focus on the employee

Businesses undermine the unique advantages of a contact center when they turn customer conversations into transactions driven by scripts and one-size-fits-all procedures.

Strict command and control undermines empowerment and decreases levels of employee engagement which leads to high turnover.  This drives up the cost of staffing due to frequent replacement hiring and retraining.

Using gamification, Prosodica activates intrinsic motivation, improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.  By providing a system of challenges, achievements, rewards, skill progression, and leaderboards, representatives are motivated to improve their skills and customer outcomes.

More Feedback - Less Bias.png

More feedback, less bias

Manually listening to calls as part of a traditional QA processes can be time consuming, expensive, ineffective, biased, and misrepresentative.

Prosodica's voice and speech analytics provide representatives with continuous, unbiased feedback after every call.

Voice analytics also automatically determine which calls are good candidates for additional post-call speech analytics, vastly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how calls are sampled and evaluated.