Personalized Supervisor

Prosodica's Personalized Supervisor gives representatives automated tools and support to develop better conversational outcomes.


Real-time Emotion & Engagement Detection

Promote a more positive and engaging conversational experience that delights customers.

Prosodica notifies representatives when negative emotions surface or engagement wanes so that they can steer the call back on track before it gets out of hand.


Continuous Feedback

Develop conversational soft skills with every call and watch employee performance soar to new heights.

Prosodica measures engagement, distress, comprehension, interruptions, and balance to provide representatives with a per-call and historical breakdown of their performance.



Reward skills development and accomplishments to foster stronger teams.

Prosodica motivates performance using a system of challenges, achievements, rewards, skill progression, and leaderboards.



Predictive Analytics

Prosodica's Predictive Analytics unlocks insights that help teams improve performance and deliver greater business value.

Strategic Insights & Visualizations

Uncover the hidden stories within a call and use them to your advantage.

Prosodica integrates speech analytics with proprietary voice analytics and CRM data to provide a holistic view of the key drivers of operational performance.

Tactical Dashboards

Provide supervisors and management with timely and actionable data.

Prosodica visualizes your customers' experiences and your team's performance in real-time so that any abnormalities can be quickly identified and remediated.

Optimized Quality Assurance

Reduce operating costs without sacrificing quality.

Prosodica provides consistent, unbiased ratings of every call to contextualize the few calls that truly warrant deeper analysis and coaching.