Prosodica Advisor

Promote engaging conversations with real-time behavioral coaching.  Develop agent skills with continual feedback, progress tracking, improvement-based challenges, and achievement awards.

Create Engaging Conversations

The Prosodica Advisor provides agents with tools to help them read the non-verbal signals that callers make so they can create more natural, authentic, and engaging conversational experiences.

Objective and frequent feedback is the key to performance improvement.  The Prosodica Advisor breaks the quality assurance paradigm by providing actionable performance feedback directly to agents during and at the end of every single call.

It's powered by a real-time machine learning algorithm that continuously measures the systematics of a conversation and the prosodic characteristics of each speaker to rate the quality of every interaction, providing visual cues to the agent to guide behaviors towards more successful call outcomes.


Real-time Behavioral Coaching

Promote a more positive and engaging conversational experience that delights customers.

Prosodica notifies representatives when negative emotions surface or engagement wanes so that they can steer the call back on track before it gets out of hand.


Performance Feedback For Every Call

Develop conversational soft skills with every call and watch employee performance soar to new heights.

Prosodica measures engagement, distress, comprehension, interruptions, and balance to provide representatives with a per-call and historical breakdown of their performance.


progress tracking, improvement-based challenges, and achievement awards

Reward skills development and accomplishments to foster stronger teams.

Prosodica motivates performance using a system of challenges, achievements, rewards, skill progression, and leaderboards.