Increase Customer Engagement with Real-Time Coaching

The Prosodica Advisor guides agents to deliver high customer engagement with continuous real-time feedback, progress tracking, and soft-skill coaching.

You can’t be with every agent on every call to help when things go awry, but our behavioral coaching bot can.

Visual cues notify agents when negative emotions surface or engagement wanes, nudging their behavior towards a more natural, authentic, and engaging conversational experience.

Real-Time_Behavioral_ Coaching


The Prosodica Advisor analyzes the non-verbal cues, conversational systematics, and prosodic characteristics of each speaker creating visual cues that guide agents towards more productive conversational behaviors in real time. These behaviors help optimize conversational engagement, which improves call efficiency, effectiveness, and customer engagement.


The Prosodica Advisor breaks the quality assurance paradigm by measuring engagement, distress, comprehension, interruptions, and balance to provide objective and frequent in-call and post-call performance feedback for every call, automatically. Objective and frequent feedback is key to performance improvement.


Download a condensed version of Prosodica Advisor features to share with your team:

Customer_Engagement_Skill_ Development



Built into the performance feedback at the end of every call is a system of challenges, achievements, rewards, leaderboards, and skill progression. The Prosodica Advisor pairs challenges to agents’ end call performance which encourages continuous skill development.

Agent accomplishments are visible to their co-workers through a social engagement leaderboard, motivating agents to improve themselves every day while simultaneously improving customer engagement.


See how the Prosodica Advisor can help you increase customer engagement, streamline QA, and develop agent skills.

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