A Holistic Approach To Call Center Analytics

While many call center analytics solutions track basic metrics like handle time, resolution rate, and call quality, few can put them into context.

Prosodica Analytics ties contextual factors like conversational behavior to call outcomes by analyzing not only what is said, but how things are said on every call.

Linking context to outcomes creates a truly actionable understanding of call center performance.



Prosodica Analytics generate proprietary metrics such as customer distress, urgency, and disinterest by analyzing the systematics and prosodic characteristics of every conversation to create a more complete view of call center performance.

Quality Assurance Automation

Prosodica Analytics provides consistent, unbiased ratings of every call. These ratings contextualize calls by relating call volume data, product changes, and especially agent behavior to call outcomes, enabling Quality Assurance analysts to pinpoint the calls that truly warrant deeper analysis and coaching.

Download a condensed version of Prosodica Analytics features to share with your team:


Call Center Performance Management


Tactical dashboards visualize your customers’ experiences and your teams’ performance so that any abnormalities can be quickly identified and remediated.


Strategic visualizations powered by our AI integrates speech analytics with proprietary voice analytics and CRM data to provide a holistic view of the key drivers of operational performance.


A Solid Foundation

These call center analytics can be tied into operational strategies through the Prosodica Advisor or Prosodica Marketplace to continuously and sustainably improve your call center performance


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