Prosodica Marketplace

Improve agent autonomy and efficiency with intelligent agent assignments.  Foster employee engagement and reduce attrition with an integrated gamification platform.

Leverage Your Human Capital

The Prosodica Marketplace lets real people identify and choose the calls they’re most qualified for and ready to support, resulting in higher job satisfaction, more engagerd agents, and happier customers. 

An engaged workforce creates the kind of conversations that are at once more efficient, more effective, and more satisfying.

Gamified incentives and progressive challenges encourage agents to make appropriate choices and ensure that customers get rapid responses to their requests. 


Intelligent agent assignment

Optimize the assignment of knowledge work based on choice.

An intelligent conversational bot first classifies the nature, complexity, and urgency of each customer need.  From there, qualified agents choose their call and prepare for each interaction before connecting with the customer. 

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Integrated gamification platform

Encourage agent autonomy and engagement using incentives and progressive challenges.

Giving agents greater autonomy over not just how they work, but what they work on starts every conversation off in a better place with a ready, willing, and able agent. 


Continuous soft skill development

Allow agents to forge their own paths to mastery through performance tracking.

Prosodica Marketplace classifies calls into different categories.  Skill-based incentives and performance tracking encourage agents to continuously develop the soft skills needed to reach new levels in these categories.