Improve the way your business communicates with customers

Our platform measures the conversations of 100% of your customer interactions to produce immediate insights that help optimize operations, improve representative performance, and increase customer loyalty.

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A human approach to conversational analytics

We recognize that there’s more to a conversation than just the words that are said.

Prosodica analyzes conversational speech behaviors as well as non-verbal measures such as tone, periods of silence, pace, and response time to provide a human-like perspective of conversational quality.

When conversations are engaging, sales soar

Female contact center agent working at her desk and smiling.
of American customers stopped doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience.
of customers say that customer service is an essential factor that affects their choices.
A customer is 4X more likely to buy from a competitor if they have a service-related issue as opposed to an issue with the price or product.
Customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive call center experience rather than a negative one.

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“Awesome insights!”

Our new dashboard is exactly what we needed. In fact, it's already helped us identify an issue and remediate over 2,000 accounts!

Client Account Manager
Industry: Financial Services

“Labor saving!”

Your quality monitoring application allowed us to remove four steps from our workflow, increasing my team's productivity by over 40%.

Quality Assurance Manager
Industry: Healthcare


These dashboards enable my team to systematically find customer experience gaps and produce reports that help get them addressed rapidly.

Customer Experience Analyst
Industry: Hospitality

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We deliver the data so you can deliver exemplary customer experiences.

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Low risk investment
No long-term contracts or infrastructure costs.
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High value output
Customizable data to inform your coaching efforts.
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Seamless integration
Zero interruption to your current workflow.
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Immediate ROI
Receive value and actionable insights from day one.
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We keep up with the tech so you don’t have to.

Here's how Prosodica can help your business

Narratives - personalized coaching feedback generated at the close of every conversation.

AI Evaluations - AI-generated ratings for a customized form.

Achievement Score - provides a fair and objective measure of employee performance on every call.

eCSAT Score - an accurate prediction of the customer’s level of satisfaction within a conversation.

Complaint Score - can be used to automatically locate and monitor customer experience hot spots.

Opportunity Score - scans completed conversations to identify missed sales opportunities or indicators of business risk.

Transcriptions - help businesses better understand customer needs and requirements as well as follow up on important conversations.

Save Money - no need to hire data scientists.

Save Time - no need to wait on survey results.

Professional Development - empower agents to take control of their growth.

Streamlined Process - real-time insights and data allow immediate coaching and learning moments to occur.

Gain Customer Loyalty - drive sales and loyalty with quality customer service.

There is more than one side to every conversation

Our analytics software pays equal attention to both sides of a conversation, so we can review and monitor the representative and the customer experience. This allows us to deliver actionable, real-time insights and recommendations to improve representative performance and promote customer satisfaction.

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Customizable Options

Our service is customizable in order to meet your unique business needs. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, we can meet you where you’re at and then evolve as you grow. Contact us to learn more about our flexible price plans.

Advisory Services

Creating effective data visualizations and workflows from new data sources can be a daunting challenge. For those still on their analytical journey, we offer professional advisory services to help you jumpstart a new project or extend an existing one.

Transform your business by leveraging our industry expertise and the power of AI and machine learning.