About Prosodica

We are contact center veterans, technology innovators, behavioral scientists, and data science experts working to build technologies that enhance human connections, improve employee engagement, and promote sustainably efficient contact center operations. We work with progressive contact center enterprises to address their most challenging operational issues by crafting a more engaging, more efficient, and more human contact center experience.

Our Executive Team

Mariano Tan

Meet Mariano, a visionary with 25+ years of contact center industry experience as an executive and consultant. He noticed companies struggling to balance efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. Mariano assembled a team, developed a data-driven platform for building engaged workforces, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. He loves using data to solve problems and help businesses thrive. Mariano is an innovative leader changing how businesses approach customer experience.

President & CEO

Drew Jacobs

Meet Drew, a talented data storyteller with a finance and real estate background. He excels at simplifying complex information through data analysis. With his data science team, Drew pushes boundaries using advanced machine learning models to transform vast data into understandable metrics. He consistently discovers new ways to make sense of the world around us. Drew is not just a data scientist, but also a molecular gastronomist who experiments with creativity in the kitchen. He applies his innovative mindset to cooking, creating beautiful and delicious dishes for his family. Drew is an invaluable asset, capable of turning complex challenges into something exquisite.

Data Science Manager

Geoff Miller

Meet Geoff, our newest team member! With extensive experience as a technical consultant, he brings fresh perspective to complex development challenges. Geoff's expertise and guidance help our developers overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. He goes above and beyond, coaching and assisting even when not officially on the team. Geoff's selfless leadership style focuses on others' success, ensuring everyone has support and resources to thrive. With Geoff, we have an asset to push boundaries and achieve greatness.

Application Development Manager

Neil Milsted

Neil, the mastermind behind Prosodica, co-invented our cutting-edge digital signal processing technology. With 40+ years of experience in high-throughput computing, Neil brings expertise in natural language processing and data abstraction. He leads a dedicated team focused on expanding our technology's scale and capabilities. Neil's commitment to innovation extends beyond the office as he often power walks, pondering technical challenges. No days off for Neil when it comes to pushing boundaries.

Director of Platforms & Architecture

Company History

After decades working as a contact center consultant and business leader, Mariano had seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry, and he knew that something needed to change. He was tired of seeing representatives disengaged and customers frustrated. He wanted to make jobs in the contact center more interesting and engaging while also making the customer experience more satisfying and efficient. 

So, he brought together a group of individuals who shared his vision for a more human contact center experience. They started with a bold idea: that the humanness of an interaction could be measured by analyzing the rhythm and intonation of speech. And thus, Prosodica was born. 

The team used their collective expertise to develop interaction analytics software that could analyze the prosodics of a conversation to better understand the emotions and intentions behind the words. But they didn't stop there. They added AI to turn that understanding into dynamically generated coaching narratives to train representatives to be more engaged and empathetic. They were revolutionizing the way call centers operated. 

As they continued to innovate around their core solution, the team worked with progressive contact center enterprises to tackle their most challenging operational issues. They stressed the values of transparency, authenticity, and empowerment, always striving to bring more of the human touch to every interaction. 

Today, their software is used by call centers all over the world, making a tangible difference in the lives of both customers and representatives. Mariano and his team have created a tool that enhances human connections, improves employee engagement, and promotes sustainably efficient contact center operations. As they continue to grow and evolve, they remain committed to their mission of humanizing the call center experience.

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