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Humanizing the call center experience

A great customer service experience goes deeper than words. Elements such as tone and emotion have the power to quickly veer a conversation in the wrong direction.

Prosodica empowers agents to strengthen their emotional intelligence by providing insight into how things are said, stress levels, and moments of friction.

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Leverage the power of human interactions to improve promise-to-pay rates.
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Utilize advanced voice and speech analytics tech to deliver deep operational insights.
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Harness the power of machine learning to identify follow-up opportunities and decrease failed calls.
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Receive personalized coaching tools to engage employees and optimize their performance.

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“Speech-enabled Interaction Analytics have the potential to change the way contact centers do business, yet organizations continue to struggle to implement this game-changing technology in a timely and cost-effective manner.​”

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Mariano Tan

CEO of Prosodica
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