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Our Prosodica Assess solution provides a holistic view of a contact center’s operations to optimize representative performance and customer satisfaction.

Topic Model

Prosodica provides a prediction of the most salient topic occurring within a conversation to identify high-risk and high-effort topics.


Prosodica identifies word patterns that can be visualized as conversational elements or abstracted to represent key points in the customer journey.

Effort Score

Prosodica measures the friction experienced by a customer within a conversation to serve as an unbiased measure of process effectiveness.

Complaint Score

Prosodica predicts the likelihood that a conversation involves a significant customer complaint in order to locate and classify CX risks.

Satisfaction Score

Prosodica provides accurate predictions of the customer’s level of satisfaction within a conversation to measure the impact of process changes.

Engagement Score

Prosodica provides actionable measures of call handling efficiency to highlight opportunities for handle time reduction and CX improvement.

By helping our clients analyze the relationship between the call experience and outcome, they have been able to lower handle time, reduce repeat calls, and increase resolution rates.

Decreased friction across the customer journey leads to more efficient workflows which enhance the employee experience.

Case Study

Customer conversation analysis data improves promise to pay rates.
Decrease in peak staffing requirements
Decrease in average handle time
Increase in representative engagement scores


In the wake of a global pandemic, a leading credit issuer was seeing signs of increased delinquency among their cardholders. Management needed a way to improve promise rates to help mitigate their downside risks.


Prosodica data showed that CSAT was insensitive to ASA at over triple that value, and that it dropped only when conversations were less engaged and more effortful.


Analysis of prior conversations allowed the business to prioritize contacts demonstrated to be 10 times as likely to result in a new promise, while consistent coaching improved negotiation effectiveness, which reduced average negotiation time allowing each representative to participate in 20% more negotiations.

“Being able to visualize the customer experience from detailed interaction patterns, to broad customer journeys transforms our ability to make effective process optimizations.”
~ V.P. of Customer Experience Strategy