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Protect your reps from burnout.

Our Prosodica Engage solution recognizes that contact centers suffer from high turnover rates and provides companies with effective ways to engage employees and optimize their performance.


Prosodica provides AI-generated personalized coaching feedback to promote the development of soft skills and strategies.


Prosodica assesses whether the rep is complying with expected procedures while progressing through the different phases of a conversation.

Contact Evaluations

Prosodica automatically generates summaries and ratings of every conversation to facilitate a more curated approach to employee coaching.

Engagement Score

Prosodica provides insight into how efficiently the employee conducts interactions and how well they control the conversation.

Experience Score

Prosodica provides a perspective on how the customer is reacting to a situation and measures aspects of a call that the rep can control.

Achievement Score

Prosodica assesses efficiency, effectiveness, and experience to create a balanced rating of employee performance, avoiding those “one-off” call defects.

By providing reps with frequent performance feedback and focused coaching conversations, our clients saw increased levels of customer satisfaction and decreased handle time.

Rep engagement increased and had a positive effect on the contact center’s working environment, leading to a decrease in voluntary attrition

Case Study

Improvements in call monitoring and evaluation increase valuable coaching sessions and rep engagement.
Increase in coaching sessions
Increase in average CSAT
Decrease in attrition


An innovative outsourcer specialized in order taking interactions. They grew their business by consistently exceeded their clients expectations, but the speed of this growth made it difficult for them to monitor process compliance and coach sales skills development. They considered increasing their Quality Assurance staffing, but that approach didn’t fit with their overall lean approach to operations.


Instead, using Prosodica’s Call Evaluation tools they automated the important but time-consuming process of call monitoring and evaluation using the Achievement score as their primary measure of employee performance.


Supervisors then focused their limited time on addressing recurring behaviors and were able to complete fifty percent more of these valuable coaching sessions. Better coaching sessions improved sales performance while engaging representatives and reducing their attrition.

“Our employees need to get into the right frame of mind to create good conversational experiences hundreds of times a day. Creating a sustainably positive employee experience is absolutely vital to our business.”
~ Operations Manager